Q&A for Registration

Where can I find registration handbook details?

  • For 1st-year and 2nd-year students and students of Bi-lingual Programs, information about Set Menu and courses are available at  https://rov.bu.ac.th/setavailable
  • For 3rd-year students and up, information about courses are available at http://ursa2.bu.ac.th/seat/seat1.cfm
  • All students (except Students of Special Programs and Bi-Lingual Programs) may select Group Registration Online or Individual Registration, if you meet all requirements and are able to make a payment during the period specified on the registration schedule. Please note that, for Group Online Registration, students are required to register and make a payment sooner than Individual Online Registration.

What types of registration are available for each year of students?

  • For 1st and 2nd Year Students and Bilingual Program Students, you are required to register in Set Menu. For more information, please refer to http://rov.bu.ac.th.
  • For 3rd Year Students and others, you are required to register for Individual Registration. For more information, please refer to http://reconline.bu.ac.th/rocs/(S(3qxmgbig15soakyl2cbcp2m4))/index.aspx .
  • All students (except for students of Special Programs and Bilingual Programs) are able to register online in either Group Registration or Individual Registration, if you meet all requirements set for Group Registration and are ready to make a full payment as scheduled. Please note that the registration process and payment for Group Registration is scheduled before Individual Registration.

What is Online Group Registration?

  • Online Group Registration requires 3 members to select a minimum of 3 courses of the same sections. For information on all requirements for online registration of Set Menu and Individual Registration, please refer to https://grr.bu.ac.th/ .
  • Schedules for Online Group Registration for each semester is available at Academic Calendar.
  • For students who completed Group Online Registration, you may proceed with Adding of courses during Online Individual as scheduled in the Academic Calendar. Please refer to https://rov.bu.ac.th/ .
  • For students who registered for Online Group Registration but have not made a registration payment, you may proceed with Individual Registration during a registration period as specified and scheduled by your Department/School Academic Calendar.

What is Online Individual Registration?

  • Students do not register in a group.
  • Students may refer to registration schedules for Individual Registration as specified and scheduled by Department/School Academic Calendar.
  • Students should refer to the Schedule for Individual Online Registration according to the Academic Calendar as scheduled.
  • If you miss the deadline for Individual Online Registration, you may register during the Late Online Registration, Round 1 and Round 2, at https://rov.bu.ac.th/

What is a maximum credit hours for registration?

  • In a regular semester, students may register for up to 22 credits, but not less than 9 credits.
  • Probationary students must register for up to 16 credits, but not less than 9 credits.
  • For Summer Session, students may register for up to 9 credits.

What should I do if I would like to register more than a maximum credits allowed?

  • For Group Online Registration, students should meet a maximum credit requirements. If you wish to register more than the maximum credit specified for your last semester before graduation, you may submit a request during Adding/Dropping/Late Registration of Round 1 and Round 2, for an approval of the related department/school.

Can 1st year add courses, if so wish?

  • 1st Year Students may add/drop courses during Adding/Dropping period. However, they will not be allowed to add/drop courses if they are in their 1st semester.

What should I do if my registered courses are the same courses as my transferred ones? Will I be eligible for a refund of registration fees?

  • In case you register the same courses of your transferred courses, you may request for a 100% registration refund (except for students of Flat-rate Tuition Fee Programs)

What can I check for courses which are open for registration?

Can I register in order to re-grade?

  • Students who passes a minimum of 12 credits are able to enroll in the course with a letter grade D or D+ or register in additional course(s) within the department or in another department in order to re-grade.

What should I do if I cannot register a course because I do not meet pre-requisite requirements?

  • For registration in a course with pre-requisite  requirements, students must meet the requirements as specified in Remarks 2, for example, New Students Only, Only for a particular major, Only for a particular year of students. Students may proceed with Adding/Dropping during a 2nd Adding/Dropping period, with an approval for registration from your Department/School. To request for an approval for registration when you do not meet a pre-requisite requirement, please contact your Department/School.

Can 1st Year Transfer Students register in Individual Registration?

  • 1st Year and 2nd Year Transfer Students are required to register in Set Menu.
  • 2nd Degree Transfer Students or Readmitted Students  cannot register online and are required to contact their Department/School to request for Tor Bor .021 Form for submission at the Records Office for further assistance. (only for seats that are available and only when all of the requirements are met) Schedules for submission of Tor Bor .021 Form are available in the Registration Handbook of each semester.

What should I do if courses required for my graduation are not offered this semester?

  • You should check to see if paralleled courses are offered. In cases courses are not available in your program but are offered in other programs or a different year, you may request to register in a paralleled course. However, if courses are not available, students should contact Dean/Associate Dean/Chairperson for further advice and assistance to see if you can register for required course(s) in another university.

What should I do if I made a mistake in my registration and am I eligible for a refund?

  • If students do not complete their registration of Free Electives, students are able to count the wrongly-enrolled subjects as Free Electives. However, if students prefer to drop the courses during the Adding/Dropping Period: Round I and Round II, as specified in the Academic Calendar, students will be eligible for a 40% refund.

To register for my last semester, do I need to wait for my grade announcement before filing for graduation?

  • If this is your last semester, you may file for graduation at http://ursa2.bu.ac.th/rfg/  during the period specified in the Academic Calendar and do not need to wait for grade announcement. Failure to file for graduation during the specified period may result in a fine of 50 baht per day but not more than 1,000 baht, and you may file for a late registration for graduation at One Stop Service.
  • In case you already filed for graduation but are not able to graduate in time, the graduation registration will be deemed invalid and you are required to file for graduation again.

What should I do if I have not registered for any courses?

  • Students who do not register in a regular semester must pay fees of 1,000 baht per semester to maintain their student status and apply for an Academic Leave at One Stop Service within 30 days after the 1st day of each semester.
  • Failure to maintain their student status or failure to apply for an Academic Leave within a specified period may result in a termination of student status from the Registrar’s List

How do I check if I complete and meet all requirements for my degree program?

  • Students may check if they complete all required courses and requirements for their degree program from degreeplan.bu.ac.th by selecting the School and Year of Study.
  • For more information and further assistance, please contact One Stop Service.

Where I can find details of courses I need for my registration?

  • Students may refer to details of courses/degree plan at degreeplan.bu.ac.th by selecting School and Year of Study.

What should I do if all seats of the course I wish to enroll are taken?

  • Students may submit a request for an additional seat during Adding/Dropping/Late Registration of Round 1 and Round 2, for an approval of the related department/school.

What should I do if I already registered but my Grade Point Average (GPA) is below a minimum GPA requirement?

  • Students with a cumulative grade point average of less than 1.50 assessed at the end of each semester are subject to termination from the program and may bring the receipt of registration payment to the Financial Affairs Office to request for a full refund of registration payment.
  • If the students wish to continue their study, they may contact the Admissions Office and may use their refund to re-apply for admissions.

What is a difference between Dropping and Withdrawal?

  • Dropping refers to a termination of registered course during Adding/Dropping period of Round I and Round II and the grade will not be recorded in a transcript and students are eligible to receive a 40% refund of course registration fee. For more information on Dropping, please refer to https://rov.bu.ac.th/
  • Withdrawal refers to a termination of course as from the 4th week of the semester or as from the 3rd week of the semester until the last day of the semester and a letter symbol “W” will be recorded in the transcript. For more information on Withdrawal, please refer to http://ursa2.bu.ac.th/withdrawal/